Thursday, 3 April 2014

Alphas & Chat & News, Oh My!

Sure, it's old news by now... because, come on, it happened five minutes ago and the internet moves fast!
Blizzard announced that they're starting Warlords of Draenor alpha testing. Invites are slated to start going out soon(™), but don't get too excited - as with any other alpha, I'm sure that the first batch will be going to fansites like Wowhead before anyone else. Apparently there is a ton of content that is ready for testing. Blizzard's official post about alpha can be found here.

In addition, another wave of Heroes of the Storm alpha invites have been spotted lurking about mailboxes. I'm crossing my fingers that I'll get one... eventually.

Blizzard also sneakily rolled out chat functionality on the desktop client. Now you can chat with your online friends from the client without logging into a game. :)