Friday, 30 August 2013

A Journey to Moonglade (Druid Week)

Another week, another alt appreciation post! I have always really loved playing druids. They are so extremely versatile and each spec can feel like a whole different class. It's awesome to be able to switch from tank to melee to caster to a healer whenever you feel inclined to do so. In my opinion, no one could ever get bored of playing a druid just based on that alone - there is always another way to play the class that is fresh and exciting.

Currently, my druid is boomkin specced and I do a lot of messing around in battlegrounds with her. Although I do switch it up and go resto on her sometimes, I enjoy playing balance for now. It isn't a spec that I've had a lot of experience playing in the past. I generally stuck to feral or resto prior to a few months ago. I do many weekly old content runs as well. I use my druid as a break from the current PvE content that I feel obligated to do on my disc priest.

I have had horrible luck with transmog drops so she's a little messy, but this is my wonderful boomy:

More information on alt appreciation week and how to get involved can be found over at Laeleiwyn's blog!

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