Sunday, 8 September 2013

Rituals of Power (Mage Week)

Hello guys! Another week and yet another alt appreciation post! Ah, the mage... be it fire, frost or arcane, there is no questioning the power that a mage wields. They're deadly in PvP and put out massive damage in PvE. They're useful inside and outside of instance groups with the ability to conjure food and time warp. Not to mention their ability to port people wherever their heart desires.... or to play portal roulette with unsuspecting victims. ;) Although mages have always been called the "one button class," they have evolved to have some very powerful spells in their arsenal as well as some pretty great talents.

Many people assume that since I go by the moniker manabrownies, I must main a mage. However, that couldn't be further from the truth. Although my mage has been level capped since January, I rarely play her other than for my weekly mount / transmog runs. I often say that I would like to play my mage more often than I do, but her being on a server that I don't really play on anymore means that she gets pushed to the side a lot more than I intend. Since it's mage week, I am making a promise that I will visit her a little more often and get her up to a respectable gear level... maybe I'll even be take her into SoO LFR by the time it releases.

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