Sunday, 15 September 2013

The Lesson of the Iron Bough (Monk Week)

Leeeeeet's get appreciating some alts! This week's class is the monk. The newest class in the game, they are a hybrid class that is extremely fun to play. Unfortunately, I don't have a level capped monk myself... I'm trying to work on it, though. I have numerous monk alts scattered across different servers. The one on my home server of Illidan has been grossly neglected and outleveled by a lot of the other ones. Every time I log in to level him, something comes up and I have to stop after a level or two. He is a Pandaren, of course, because is there really any other way to do it? ;)

Although my monk experience is limited, I've been playing Mistweaver on some and Brewmaster on another. Monk tanking is really fun and monk healing even more so. I haven't really fooled around with Windwalker too much yet, but I'm sure that I will eventually. However, I do know that when I come across a MW monk in arena I groan - even when I'm playing disc. Their heals are powerful and they also have a lot of utility.

If anyone has some monk tips and tricks for me or think they can get me more interested in actually leveling the one class I don't have too much experience with, please let me know!

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